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Fundraising Options

There are two options to choose from when it comes to funding your climb.

Have a look at the outline information below to see which will suit you best and please do contact us if you have any questions.

Fund Raising Option

Under this option you commit to raise a minimum amount for Nasio Trust. This will cover the cost of your climb, international flights and all transfers. See our FAQ for further details. The balance of the funds and any gift aid received will go directly to the Nasio Trust to support our projects in western Kenya. You can see more about our work at

  • Minimum Fund Raising Commitment for the Lemosho Route – £3670
  • Minimum Fund Raising Commitment for the Machame Route – £3345

Climb Only Package

Under this option you pay us for the climb out of your own funds, arrange your own flights/transfers. There is no requirement to fund-raise unless you want to – and you can choose to support any charity if you do. The costs for the climb are outlined below, and flights will cost you in the region of £600.

  • Climb only Lemosho Route – Climb £2070 (You are responsible for your own Flights and transfer to Moshi Tanzania)
  • – Self funded Machame Route – Climb £1745 (You are responsible for your own Flights and transfer to Moshi Tanzania)

Don’t Worry!

At this point it might seem like a lot of money to raise. But don’t worry unnecessarily about your fundraising. It is a very achievable target, you will receive full fundraising advice and Nasio Trust representatives will be on hand to help you.

More information

Find out what is included in your climb cost here.

Discover more about the amazing work of The Nasio Trust here.

Does Gift Aid count towards my fundraising total?

No, the minimum sponsorship target is not reduced by any allowance for Gift Aid.

The Government’s Gift Aid scheme means that if a donation is made by a UK Taxpayer, we can claim back 25p for every £1 donated. As this scheme works in a particular way, and often we do not receive the Gift Aid until long past the event, we do not include Gift Aid as part of your fundraising total.

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