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Volunteering Trip Extension

Your volunteering opportunity will give you an incredible insight into the factors that influence the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and the role The Nasio Trust plays in giving communities the opportunity to change their lives.

Whether you decide to get involved with one of our many projects, or help out at the Noah’s Ark or St. Irene’s Day care centres, the time and energy you invest will make an incredible difference to the lives of people in desperate need. The cost is usually around £150.

But it doesn’t end there…

So many of our past and present volunteers have found the experience intensely rewarding on a personal level. Seeing the sometimes desperate conditions faced by the people we work with on a daily basis, has a habit of putting many first world problems in perspective.

“Very moving experience! There are absolutely no agencies serving the region apart from The Nasio Trust, and their need is great, the children are massively exposed to a whole range of risks. The good news is a little goes a long way”
Phoebe, Wallingford School, aged 15


  • Day 1 -Arrive at Kisumu Airport & Drive To Musanda
    – Cultural Market Kisumu
    – Fish lunch by at Lake Victoria
    – Photo call on the equator
    -Arrive at Chief’s Guest House and settle in
  • Day 2 – Chief’s guest House, Musanda
    – Orientation and meeting the team
    – Overview of projects: Spirulina greenhouse, farms, fishponds, beehives
    – Lunch – Guest House
    – Home Visit – and start of community activities
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Day 3 – Visit Noah’s Ark Day Care Centre (Mumias)
    – Meet the teachers and children
    – Play Time with children / Serve Lunch – Noah’s Ark
    – Visit Greenhouse / sustainable farming
    – Spend time in the classroom or teach children
    – Visit Local Primary School – Team Building Activities
    – Home visits Mumias slums
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Day 4 – Visit St Irene’s Day Care Centre (Musanda) then begin work tasks
    – Visit St Irene’s Day Care Centre
    – Meet teachers and children
    – Begin project: Build a family a House
    – Read with Children / Sing/ counting songs/ Memory Books
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Day 5 -Continue with work tasks & visit St Irene’s Day Care Centre
    – Build a family house
    – Read with Children / Sing/ counting songs/ Memory Books
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Day 6 – Visit Noah’s Ark Day Care Centre
    – Lunch at Noah’s Ark with the children
    – PM – Visit St Mary’s Hospital – Children’s Ward
    – Sports Afternoon – Township
    – Home Visit
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Day 7 – Finish work tasks St Irene’s Day Care Centre (Musanda)
    – Visit our local feeder schools – Local Primary School
    – Complete family house
    – Work with team in Spirulina greenhouse
    – Reflection time & diary
  • Days 8 – 14 – Suggestions for additional activities
    – Visit local farm projects – assist team / advise on farming
    – Plant Trees to improve the environment
    – Visit Kakamega Rain Forest – understand conservation – One of the oldest Equatorial Forests
    – Participate in medical Camp in the Community alongside our partners
    – Visit local market
    – Teach children/adults IT, numeracy, literacy etc
    – Tailoring/sewing help instructing children’s’ guardians
    – Conduct home visit with Nasio staff
    – Sell produce at market
    – Learn about Spirulina production
    – Find out about water harvesting
    – Milk a cow
    – Educating staff, children, guardians in any skill that you have
    – Medical activities for doctors, nurses and midwives
    – Any suggestions from you will be discussed


You can register your interest in this extension as you go through our booking form or contact us and we can add to an existing booking if there’s sufficient time to do so.

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