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5 Tips On Walking Boots For Climbing Kilimanjaro

Spoiler alert! This one’s all about boots…

Yes a whole blog-post about boots – it might seem like overkill but there’s an argument you could turn up a Kili with nothing but your boots and (relying a little on the kindness of strangers), you could successfully complete a climb. (But we don’t recommend you try this!)

So without further ado – here’s our top 5 tips!

  • Tip 1 – Never under-estimate the importance of the right boots
    Your boots need to work for YOU, and therefore no-one else’s boots will do. They are probably the single most important piece of equipment you’ll bring. Go into a outdoor pursuits shop and speak to an experienced staff member about your climb. Getting it right first time is better that than a trip ruined by blisters or Athlete’s Foot from ill fitting or poorly waterproofed boots.
  • Tip 2 – What to look for
    Well-fitted, good quality, semi-rigid, water-proof hiking boots are what you need. And they will need to be well broken in before you step foot on African soil.
  • Tip 3 – Breaking them in
    We’d recommend undertaking as much of your Kilimanjaro training as possible in the boots you intend to pack (with the exception of running), as well as wearing them around the house as much as you can (assuming they’re clean enough!).
  • Tip 4 – Buy them early
    This will ensure you can spot a bad pair early enough to do something about it, and also give you time to properly break in replacements… If you don’t have your boots yet – we’d highly recommend ‘step to it’.
  • Tip 5 – Wear them on the plane!
    In our experience, lost luggage is mercifully rare, but it does happen. If you’re wearing your boots when you travel to Kenya you know 100% that you have the one essential thing you need to climb.

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