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Any Surprises Up There?

We asked our Kili conquerors of Summer 2014 a bit about their experiences of climbing Kili with us. Here’s a snapshot of what they thought…

When asked ‘What surprised you the most?’ We had a variety of answers but one stood out as the most surprising – altitude! We just don’t know how altitude will affect us and Mount Kilimanjaro is a staggering 5,895 metres tall. The highest mountain in Africa in fact!

The altitude surprised one of our climbers by them not feeling affected by it at all and others by how strongly it affected them. When we hear things like this our response is always ‘That’s Kilimanjaro’. You just never know what the mountain will throw at you when you set off on your mountainous path.

All you can do is get physically and mentally prepared and know that you aren’t alone up there. The Nasio Trust always employs qualified and trusted guides who are knowledgeable, supportive and trained. 100% of our climbers agreed that the guides and porters were helpful and knowledgeable. They always have an encouraging word ready at the right moment.

My own personal surprise up Kili was that the porters put your tent up for you, the cooks prepare popcorn and tea for you when you get to camp and you are brought a nice warm bowl of water to freshen up – it’s first class service mountain style!

We are very pleased to say that 100% of respondents were pleased they had chosen to climb with the Nasio Trust and they all agreed that climbing Kili was a fantastic experience.

Roz Pacey, The Nasio Trust

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