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Tipping… Should I tip?

Due to the growing popularity of trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, the mountain has in effect become a key component of the local economies in Moshi and Arusha Tanzania.

With this growing interest in trekking Kilimanjaro, local and international tour companies have proliferated and local residents in these towns have flocked to the mountain in desperate need for work. Unemployment is high in Tanzania and hence there is no shortage of people willing to do literally anything to earn a wage, albeit tiny.

At Nasio we work with a reputable climb company who we’re proud to say offer excellent salaries, but tipping is very much part of the culture on Kili.

If you are the only climber in your group, and you feel like you received a great experience on the mountain, increasing the amount of your tip beyond this suggested level makes a massive difference to the lives of the guides and their families.

  • Please prepare your tips before going on the mountain by bringing around $150 (US Dollars) with you when you climb.
  • Please give your tips as a group to the head guide at the hotel. Do not give the tip to the guides or the porters directly or at the gate.
  • Please do not give an individual tip to a specific porter or guide during the climb of Kilimanjaro. This breeds suspicion and encourages them to pester tourists for more money. We try to maintain consistency and fairness at all times. If there is someone who the group feels deserves special mention then tell our head guide and by all means add a small amount extra, but make sure that it is given in front of everybody and recognised as a reward for service beyond the usual call of duty.
  • Please also remember that money is not the only way of showing your gratitude, a genuine thank you in front of all the other staff goes a long way to making someone happy.

Find out more about the role and history of local porters on Kilimanjaro here.

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