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Krzysztof’s Climb Adventure!

This idea came to my mind 1 year before the trip. I just turned 39 years old then. By a pure coincidence I met at work a gentleman now in his late 90’s who for long years was the oldest man ever (in Guinness Book) who reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. That’s how I started researching the subject and thinking realistically about it.

I wanted to link this trip with fundraising to some really special cause. That’s how I found Nasio Trust. After reading what they do I didn’t think twice. I reserved my place for Feb trek which would overlap my 40th birthday. Having kids on my own I thought that chosen charity is just perfect. Now 2 weeks after coming back from Kenya I know I couldn’t choose a better organisation.

I arrived to Kenya/Nairobi on the 5th of Feb. Tired but very excited and quite frankly very apprehensive too as I was totally on my own from the UK. I was picked up by Robert and transported to a coach station – next leg of my trip – shuttle to Moshi/Tanzania. After around further 8 hours leading through very picturesque countryside and crossing the Kenyan border, I arrived safely to the hotel – being again picked up from Moshi town. Hotel is a little bit aside from the town providing a very good standard. And they have a swimming pool so much needed after a long trip and baking sunshine – after all we’re not far from the equator.

After 1 day of rest the real adventure started. It turned out that I’ll be climbing on my own from Nasio. Me and my crew who I met at the hotel. Felt a bit strange for a start as only a guide spoke good english but very quickly we all bonded together and had a lots of fun during the trek. They were magnificent lads looking after me on every step of the journey. I took remote and quiet Lemosho route and would definitely recommend it to anybody. I like to think that despite my 40 years of age, I’m still in a good shape. I trained a lot before the trip. Running, regular gym sessions, swimming and generally improving my stamina which I thought was good already after completing many marathons in my life.

First couple of days were fairly easy. Then when we climbed to 4000m plus I started feeling lack of oxygen.

Well. I didn’t expect how hard the high altitude will hit me. First couple of days were fairly easy. Then when we climbed to 4000m plus I started feeling lack of oxygen. Boys were saying that I’m doing very well but last day/night of the climb to the top was so so hard and I truly didn’t expect that. It was like running marathon after marathon with an oxygen running out. But I’ve done it. The guide – Noah was an excellent guy and he helped me a lot to find the strength to keep going. Journey back was hard too but we did it! Gosh, what a beautiful feeling that was. Laughter, tears mixed together. The whole trip was like a dream and at the hotel sipping ‘Kilimanjaro’ beer and scrolling through hundreds of pics you realise that you achieved so much. Truly unforgettable. You also meet so many people during the climb! Everybody is friendly, everybody going through the same emotions and pain and the feeling of comradeship is in the air.

There was not much time to rest and only a quick celebration as next morning I had a shuttle back to Nairobi. It’s hard not to mention an incident in Arusha (still in Tanzania) where there was a demonstration on the street and our bus had all glass smashed with rocks. It was scary at the time but I have been told that it was very unlucky and very rare for incidents like that to happen. Anyway, we changed the shuttle and carried on towards Nairobi. Managed to catch the flight and after 50min landed in Kisumu – beautifully located town by the lake Victoria. Reliably I was picked up by Nasio driver and after 2 hours we arrived to Nasio guest house. Felt so peaceful there. Quiet. Welcoming. Atmospheric…

I spent 2 very intensive days over there. Being looked after by guest house staff and being showed around by fabulous Jane – local operational manager. She as well as everybody else have got so much passion to what they do. I was genuinely impressed by their devotion, strength and positive attitude. I have seen both centres. I have visited two homes with social worker. I have seen spirulina farm and all facilities and places where they grow food, fruits, veggies for kids. I have seen where it all started and I was truly amazed how much Nasio Trust achieved over these last 14 days. It’s impressive and inspirational. Kids were amazing. Having kids on my own I had a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs emotions. Sadness – witnessing their traumatic at such young age experiences, happiness – that through Nasio Trust they can be given basics: food, shelter, medical help, education. That means hope for these kids and an opportunity to have a life.

That means hope for these kids and an opportunity to have a life.

I have so many memories from this trip. So many stories to tell. I look at my life from different angle now being even more appreciative to what I have and who I share this precious life with – my wonderful family.  This trip has changed my life. Enriched it forever.

Thank you Nasio Trust!

Krzysztof Laskowski

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