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Neil & Ollie Take On Mount Kenya!

Neil is a Nasio Trustee. He and his son Ollie (also a good friend-of-Nasio) recently undertook a charity climb of Mount Kenya in support of Nasio.

Here’s Ollie’s account of their adventure!

I embarked on a thrilling climb up Mount Kenya with my Dad, Neil, feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation beforehand. Starting at Sirimon Gate, we reached our first camp, Old Moses Camp, where we spotted Black and white colobus monkeys in the tall trees along the way.

The following day, we trekked to Likii North, our second camp, with its stunning view of the mountain’s peaks. Our guide even spotted a Jaguar near our campsite, adding an extra thrill to our adventure.

On day three, we reached Shiptons camp, near the summit of Mount Kenya. I felt so excited being so close to the top and almost completing our goal!

Our final day began in darkness, leaving at 3am to reach the summit by sunrise at 6am. Overcoming various challenges along the way, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment as I stood above the clouds, taking in the breathtaking views.

The summit’s descent required focus and determination, in order to ensure a steady and safe journey down with only a couple of falls!

The trek back to Old Moses Campsite tested my resilience, as we encountered a sudden hail and thunderstorm, which made the challenge even harder.

Reflecting on the journey, I experienced a profound sense of achievement. The challenges we faced, along with the emotions and triumphs, created lasting memories that I know I’ll never forget.

Thank you to everyone that has donated so far.

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