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Sleeping Bag Hire Terms & Conditions

(a) Definitions

This contract is for the hire of items and accessories (“Equipment”) and the sale of ‘resale’ goods (“Goods”) detailed overleaf, and the parties to the Contract are, the “Hirer” and, where the Hirer is not an individual acting in person, the form respondent online.

The Nasio Trust, with registered offices:
15 The Chambers
OX14 3FE

Telephone: +44 (0) 1235 611200

No variation or addition shall be effective. Any condition deemed invalid will not affect other conditions. A decision not to enforce any condition will not diminish any party’s rights.

Extent of Contract: The Contract is not assignable and is effective when The Nasio Trust accepts the Hirer’s detailed order.

Termination: The Nasio Trust may terminate the Contract and repossess equipment without affecting any rights to recover monies due, damages for breach of contract or other remedies where the Hirer is in breach or is involved in insolvency or liquidation proceedings.
Ownership of Equipment and Goods: Equipment hired remains the property of The Nasio trust at all times. Ownership of goods purchased transfers only when full payment is received by The Nasio Trust.

Basis of charging: The stated hire charges are for the duration of the Contract and include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Transport charges: Attempted calls may be charged at The Nasio Trust’s current rates.

Time for Payment: The Hirer will pay all monies outstanding, on demand.

Credit card transactions: Where the hirer has signed a blank credit card voucher, with a subsequent payment shortfall, The Nasio Trust may insert and present for payment the balance due.

Loss of Equipment, cleaning and damage repair: The Nasio Trust may treat Equipment unavailable for inspection after reasonable notice as lost and levy a penalty charge against the Hirer equal to the current replacement value. The Hirer will pay for Equipment loss or required cleaning except where condition 2(g) applies breakages and damage repair. Hire charges accrue until full settlement is made.

Damage waiver option: If the Hirer pays the appropriate damage waiver charge (where available as an option) The Nasio trust will waiver any further charge for rectifying accidentally damaged Equipment. Damage waiver is not an insurance for lost or stolen Equipment.
Cancellation charges: The Nasio Trust may charge for Contract cancellation unless at least 30 days prior notice is received.

Delivery/collection of Equipment and Goods: The Hirer will provide adequate delivery and collection access for Equipment and/or Goods.

Inspection and receipt of Equipment and Goods: The Hirer/Signatory will examine Equipment and/or Goods at delivery/handover and sign confirming satisfaction. Delivered shortages or damaged Equipment must be agreed and noted on the Contract/delivery document.

Security of Equipment: The Hirer accepts responsibility for Equipment security utilities collection by or return to The Nasio trust and undertakes not to seller relinquish possession, alter, repair or modify it in any way.

Return or collection of Equipment: The Hirer may arrange for the return or collection of the equipment during business hours and when Equipment has been returned The Nasio Trust will confirm receipt. The Hirer will remain liable for on-going hire charges until such confirmation has been issued. The Hirer will remain responsible for Equipment until actual collection.

Lost or stolen equipment: The Hirer agrees to insure Equipment on a full replacement basis against the risks of loss and theft and on demand to pay to The Nasio Trust any insurance claim proceeds. This liability is without prejudice to any The Nasio Trust rights under the Contract. Replacement Equipment purchased with insurance claim proceeds is the property of The Nasio Trust.

Hire Rates: The Nasio Trust will maintain the agreed hire rates for the duration of the contract.

Testing and Inspection of Equipment: Equipment will be inspected and tested where appropriate in accordance with relevant statutory requirements and if equipment needs to be recovered from the Hirer for such purposes The Nasio Trust will substitute items of similar specification.

Delivery and Collection: Following the Contract delivery/collection date The Nasio Trust will Endeavour to deliver or collect equipment within a day, wherever possible.

Supply of Equipment and Goods and limitation of liability: The Nasio Trust may substitute items of similar quality and specification where necessary. The liability of The Nasio Trust for claims made by the Hirer will not exceed the Contract charge or the price of Goods whichever is less and does not extend to any consequential or financial loss caused by late or non-delivery of Equipment and/or Goods, unsuitability, stoppage or lawful repression. Subject to the above The Nasio Trust will be liable for negligence or error in the performance of its obligations under The Contract.

Subject to the above The Nasio Trust will be liable for negligence or error in the performance of its obligations under The Contract.

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