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Top 10 Gadgets You Need For Climbing Kilimanjaro

With our years of mountain experience, you can basically get to the top of Kili with some good training, layered clothing and an excellent pair of walking boots. But there are some modern gadgets that can make a real positive difference to your climb experience. Here’s our top ten for your consideration.


One of the best ways to articulate the Kili experience is through your photographs. A real camera is going to give you better results than a phone.



Head Lamp

A good strong one with spare batteries and an extra bulb to light the way on summit day.



Solar Charger

There’s no reliable power source on Kili, but once you’re above the cloud line – you’ll find ample sun!



Comfortable sport headphones

Music for when you just don’t feel like talking to fellow trekkers! Songs to delete ‘The long and winding road’.




To watch movies or play games when you need some down time.




Mobile Phone

Signal is going to be patchy, but as we all know – a smart phone can be a fantastic tool to have in your pocket.



A (very) tough phone case

Dropping your phone on Kili isn’t like dropping it anywhere else, stick it in a case, and add a glass protector too.



Outdoor video camera

For capturing those truly breath-taking moments (or to record the occasional high-altitude tantrum!)



Finger pulse oximeter

Knowing your blood oxygen is a window into your health on Kili. You’ll know pretty quickly if you’re suffering from the effects of altitude, but an oximeter can give you an early heads-up to take it easy.



Portable rucksack hydration

Keeping your fluids up is an absolute must during your climb if you want the best chances of summiting. Make it as easy as you can to top up your water.



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