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Kilimanjaro Reviews

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  1. Steve Lee says:

    A truely fantastic experience from start to finish. The Nasio Trust provided very professional support throughout the trip – with a lot of the all important details considered and addressed. The climb / mountain is amazing as are the expert guides and porters that assist you almost every step of the way. After the climb I spent 3 days in Western Kenya as a volunteer – it was a real privilege to witness first hand some of the excellent work of the Trust. I found everyone was so friendly and welcoming, even those clearly facing many challenges. If you’re thinking of doing something similar I wholeheartedly recommend the experience and the Nasio Trust!

  2. Will Pearce says:

    Having looked for a while for someone to climb Kilimanjaro with, I stumbled across the Nasio Trust and it could not have been a better choice. Right from the moment I had registered I knew I had chosen the right people. Nancy and her team were extremely organised in getting everything set up and making sure we were all set up for the expedition. Upon landing in Kilimanjaro, everything went along so smoothly and I couldn’t fault any of it. The climb itself was an incredible experience, going through different habitats and climate zones every day and the two guides we had – Honest and Lipman – were absolutely unbelievable. They were so attentive and looked after us all so well whilst also ensuring there were only positive mentalities on the mountain with the slogan ‘One Team, One Dream’. The porters and chef should also get a mention as the service they provided was nothing short of remarkable. They have an extremely tough job but always carry it out with a smile and they were an absolute joy to share the experience with. Nancy ensured that the whole trip went to plan and was always there with a helping hand or a message to reassure you. To sum up, the work the Nasio Trust do is life changing for so many and I wouldn’t have wanted to climb for any other cause. To Nancy, Castro, Honest, Lipman and everyone else who made this trip just how incredible it was, thank you. You guys are doing something extraordinary.

  3. Jérôme says:

    My sister decided to climb the Kilimanjaro with a charity. She decided to do it with the Nasio Trust and I’m glad she asked me to follow her in this trip. Climbing Kilimanjaro with such a team was an extraordinary experience. Every member of the team was so kind with us that it helped us a lot to reach our goal : the summit !
    Everything was very well organized from the day we arrived until we left.
    Thank you for everything !

  4. Davide & Ida says:

    The moment we decided for a honeymoon, for me it was already clear: it had to be for charity! After some research and after some talks with friends who already had done it, we ended up with the idea of climbing Kilimanjaro. Then we were done; the rest is just an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip to a fascinating country; a 7 days hike from 2600m to almost 6000m supported by extremely nice people (guides and porters, of course); 7 Days to cross 4-5 different habitat and fascinating landscapes, from tropical forest till the very top of Africa, in one of the harshest place we have ever been; 7 days of food: we ate so much food we were not even capable of; 7 days of smelling-like-hell toilets…yes this is part of the climb as well; 7 days of “jambo jambo” 100 times a day or more; 7 days of true us.
    Nasio Trust was super supportive in all the phases of our trip, from the decision on the period/duration to the final arrangements. At the very end of our trip, once the tough part was already a memory and we could relax a bit, The Nasio Trust sent us a wedding cake! A cake (and non-alcoholic champagne-like drink) made for us, delivered by our guides and porters with a local song and local folkloristic dance. Thank you The Nasio Trust, you made our journey to Tanzania and to Kilimanjaro unforgettable! T H A N K Y O U.

  5. Jo says:

    A fantastic experience, well organised, lovely team of guide, cook and porters. It was tough, and a mental and emotional challenge as well as physical, but it was worth every minute. I climbed on my own, but this didnt matter. You meet plenty of other people on the way up. The visit to Western Kenya where the project is situatied was also amazing. It was brilliant to see what they have achieved and how they help the community. Thank You Nasio Trust.

  6. Markus KOCZIAN says:

    Without the assistance of the guides and porters organised by Nancy at the Nasio Trust, it would not have been possible to climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro with my 12 year old son. Both of us went through various degrees of physical and psychological pain barriers to achieve our dream. The climb was hard but immensely rewarding. we bonded well with the guides whose English was good and sense of humour great. We always felt we were in experienced hands and alwasy felt safe and cared for. I would have no objection in recommending this team if you were considering a trek up this lovely mountain. Thanks to all of you!.

  7. Natalia says:

    I just want to say ! Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro was the best experience ever.I always felt like i was in good hands.The guides and porters are AMAZING,They make the trip and are the hardest working people on the mountain .Thank you Nasio Trust ,the time was priceless!!!

  8. Krzysztof Laskowski says:

    I went to Kenya/Tanzania in Feb 2017. Turned out that I was the only one from Nasio. I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive but quickly after arriving to Nairobi I felt that the whole trip was well organised and prepared. Despite being on my own I had an incredible time climbing Kilimanjaro. Fantastic team supporting me right to the summit. We had a lot of fun, bonded very quickly and no doubts will stay friends. Western Kenya was also an amazing experience. I’m so glad I went there. I met wonderful people, fully devoted to what they do. And they do a grand job there. Truly care for these little souls, giving them medical, educational support, food and HOPE. For me being the father of 3 little boys it was particularly emotional time to witness this level of poverty. I admire Nasio work there; they have achieved so much over the last 14 years..They’re well respected in the area and I have no doubts that my fundraising helped directly those in true need. Thank you for everything. I’ll never forget this trip and will continue supporting this wonderful charity.

  9. Cath Landale says:

    Changing lives – Nasio really delivers on what it promises – not only for those for whom it cares in Western Kenya but also for those who climb Kilimanjaro and volunteer with the charity. We were expertly prepared and advised before the trip, unbelievably well looked after from the moment we arrived in Kenya, resulting in a very happy, memorable, and ultimately, successful climb. However, the complete highlight of the trip, for me, was the time we spent at the Nasio projects – humbling and inspiring in equal measure. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  10. Tara Bage says:

    The Nasio Trust Team deserve a huge thank you for their hospitality and support, without them or the guides my experience wouldn’t have been possible. The work that Nasio do for their children and community is unbelievable, and the experience is something I’ll always remember.
    A trip I’d most definitely recommend!

  11. Ben Bage says:

    Climbing Kilimanjaro was by far the best experience of my life. The guides, porters, and cooks all make it feel like you are climbing with a family. I’d definitely climb again!!

    Thank you until next time


    …..from the moment we were met by the Nasio Trust Land rovers at Nairobi Airport the experience I had was exceptional…….the climb was so well organised and seamless and despite the very obvious challenge it was a very happy 8 days. The subsequent opportunity to travel to the Nasio projects in Kenya was completely unforgettable, both heart wrenching and warming at the same time. The energy and care Nasio has put into the community to ensure the children are fed and educated has to be seen to be believed. Climb Kilimanjaro and then go and see for yourself…or just visit as a volunteer, you will have a life changing experience…..

  13. Jason Billingham says:

    The challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro was both phenomenal and humbling. It was well organised and we were supported by the most incredible, professional and inspiring team of guides and porters. They were so encouraging, motivating, hardworking and above all wanting us all to succeed summiting Kilimanjaro. Their experience was second to none and with their approach all our team managed to stand on top of Africa.

  14. ANDREW says:

    I would say to anyone who was considering doing the climb, don’t delay, sign up, for the greatest challenge of your life. Don’t forget to visit the children, the memories will live on forever. The hospitality during the trip was incredible and I would like to say a special thanks to Jane. Who looked after us so well, during our stay in the projects.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I would like to say a big thanks to the Nasio Team for looking after us on the mountain – great guides and porters – they really looked after us. Food was fantastic and getting to the Summit topped it all.

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